Natural Heritage in the Eyes of Julian Jumalon, the Artist Intoduction

Since the start of human history, art has been used by people as our way to express feelings and ideas to people. Its very intention is to excite the senses and stir up the emotions of the observer or participant. Artistic works had their share of the dynamics of societies, like our very own “Spolarium”, by Juan Luna, which has evoked our spirit of Filipino nationalism and aroused our dream of independence from the colonial power.

The destruction of tropical storms, Ondoy, Pepeng and Santi in the country reminded us that immediate changes should be done to mitigate climate change and there should be a conscious consensus among governments around the world for the conservation of our environment.

Julian Jumalon, a celebrated Cebuano artist has been at the forefront of natural heritage conservation throughout his lifetime. Also a lepidopterologist (studies butterflies and moths), his artworks reflects his love of nature and his advocacy to conserve the environment.

This exhibit features a number of Jumalon’s artworks, which showcases the beauty of our environment. We aim to communicate a message of the importance of the conservation of our natural heritage and how art can be a powerful tool to get across our ideas for change.


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